The comments here have been taken from direct statements written by clients. Full names may have been omitted to protect client privacy.

 "I just wanted to thank you again for the reading. In the reading you mentioned a baby boy and asked if I was pregnant. I said no, because I didn't think I was. Today I found out I am! I was pregnant then after all. The whole reading was amazing and you were so accurate with everything you said. I'm recommending you to anyone who is interested. You really do have a gift. Thanks again." K.D.



"Well, just got my 2nd and last reading from famed psychic medium CJ Sellers. The time was almost up and I had not heard what I wanted to hear from my Grandfather. He had a nickname for me when I was a child and died when I was 15 and I did not get to go to his funeral and I miss him so. So, I said out loud, knowing the time was almost up, "Grandaddy, tell her what you used to call me when I was a little girl". CJ Sellers said "you might have to give up on that one" and explained to me why, but, within the next minute before she was to sign off on our phone call, she said "I am getting the word "Butter" "butter something - butter fly"...............well...........I started getting tears in my eyes as that was what my Grandfather called me when I was a little girl. Butterfly. to know and hear. He is with me always. I knew that anyway, but my nickname cemented it. There is no way she could have known that."" P.M.


"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful reading. Although I was hoping to hear from my own relatives, I am glad my boyfriend's dad came through. You were able to get his name and also mentioned his job situation. Right after the reading he did become unemployed. However, he has hope now because of what his father said about his job changing for the better. You are a great medium. S.B."


"You're an amazing woman and I want to thank-you for sharing your  beautiful gift our Lord gave you.  Blessings to you and yours",  ~L.S.



"I just wanted to say thank you.  You have always helped me so much in times I've needed healing. All my best," V.W.
"I just wanted to thank you so much, you really helped me and gave me the push I needed in letting me know this was the right thing to do and let me know that there were angels looking over me. So thank you very much for everything. Love , K.T."
"The reading was absolutely wonderful. Every time that I get to talk to CJ I feel so much lighter at the end of the reading. I absolutely enjoy her so much." B.P.
"I've gone over my recording and it's amazing at how accurate you were. I've been able to verify a lot of the information that I didn't know on that day. It definitely was a powerful experience. " J.B.
"it was really jaw dropping and SO reassuring. I want to say a heartfelt thank you to CJ, the reading was such a positive experience and amazing too, I never expected so much validation.  Even the biggest sceptic could not deny what happened, there is no way anyone could have known most of what CJ spoke to me about. The world looks a little bit different now, everything seems a bit more wonderful knowing that we're not alone and our loved ones don't ever really leave us. Amazing." C.U.
"My reading was amazing ! CJ is a blessed and special person and I feel truly privileged to have the opportunity to talk to her. The life guidance was amazing and the messages of love that I have received will change me for the better for sure.I am definitely having another reading; I am just not sure how much time I want to give between readings, maybe 6 months.The experience was incredible and her energy is so good and so positive." L.S. 
"My reading with CJ was very helpful.  She is the real deal . . . there are things that she wouldn't know -- 
CJ comes from a place called "love".  I could tell that right away. . . I felt as if we were sitting next to one another having a conversation.  The fact that we were on the phone made no difference, for that I was glad. I prayed in the morning to God to help my mind and spirit to be "open".  I felt a warmth about CJ; she has a positive spirit, a healer is what came to my mind.   It was clear to me from the start of my reading that she really cares about what she does; she listens, she advises compassionately, she said things to help ME heal." C.R.
"The reading with CJ was more than I could ever have imagined! So many of my relatives came through, including the one we had hoped to contact. But more than that, CJ perceived the need for guidance and gave me so much help and HOPE.I have felt so much better since the reading, knowing that I am not alone in all of this. Even though the possibilities of future events that were mentioned were not all rosy, I feel that I will now be equipped to get through them."  Irene
 "I had the greatest reading experience ever! It was life-changing. Wow. She is so amazing and I just felt so wonderful when it was over. Thank you and please thank her (CJ) for me. You have no idea how much this has helped me and changed my life! And, when you have time, can I schedule another reading??" Allison


"I would like to thank you CJ for the wonderful reading you gave me on thursday. i have to say that i was truly impressed with your honest and open energy and demeanor.  you hit on so many things that there would have been no way of you knowing unless you were truly in contact, and meeting with you gave me validation on some of the things going on in my life right now. also it was comforting to know that i affected so many others who have passed in a positive way, and that they are always around you...weither we realize it or not. thank you again for helping me get some insight into my life and the big issues that i am dealing with. it was as if a weight was lifted off of my shoulders, and that is priceless." Stephanie

"CJ,  I just wanted to send you a email Thanking you. I have referred so many people to you and you have excelled with your gift to help all of them, some of them were skeptical as I. but your readings brought  us such peace and many closure. I was so saddened when you left Minnesota. But knowing that you can still do phone readings was a great relief. Well you topped yourself last week. I had in the last couple years met a wonderful women named ____. She has lost so many family members. but none as tragic as her brother. I told her about you, and how you bring comfort. I wasn't sure she would contact you, so I prayed every day that she would.  Well last week you read her on the phone. she somehow found the strength. and once again you came through. Not only has God given you a gift but he has also given me , my family  and friends a gift. " which is you"." Deb



"I have to write and say thanks for everything! My reading went better than I expected and I gained so much closure from it. I will definitely be looking forward to my next reading! Thank you so much!" Corrie



"Dear CJ, Thank you so much for the reading you gave me on June 26th.  It went better than I ever imagined it could've gone. I couldn't believe all the things you picked up on (like the book I am writing - I hadn't even told my best friends about it!).  You gave my best friend a reading last year so I had an idea of how good you were but you surpassed all my expectations. Thank you for giving me closure into the death of my uncle. I was so happy when he came through. CJ, you are a wonderful person and your reading gave me hope and guidance in some areas where I had no clue where to go.  Thank you for sharing your gift with me."Jamie



"I was set to receive a reading from CJ and was so excited, however the night of the reading came and soon we both realized that this reading was not for me. She acknowledged this and continued on because she knew there were messages for someone connected to my Mother that needed to hear them. So she continued on with the reading -- she told me about flowers at a gravesite and that someone was crying but wouldn't be the type to admit it to the outside world and that they needed help and healing.She said the male energy telling her about this was very concerned about this person and wanted someone to help her. CJ also got that my Mother's sister (she got her name correct) was wanting to speak to my mom. CJ asked me to pass this all on, which I did and to my amazement the following was discovered.... My Mom first called her sister and found she was depressed and had been thinking of Mom a great deal and had needed to talk to her - but in the end she was okay not suicidal, so my Mother and I spoke with each other. She had a friend who had very recently lost her boyfriend (love of her life she stated) and we had all attended his funeral the previous week. So she called her up and didn't recognize her voice (she'd been crying and was very low)- her friend ended up admitting that she was not alright and that she had been unable to share her feelings with anyone until my Mom and she spoke. My Mom told her that I had recieved a reading but that it hadn't been for me - in the course of the conversation - Mom's friend told her that there had only been the two floral arrangements that had been sent to the funeral (which I remember seeing on day of service)- and that the flowers my Mother had bought were the ones they chose to take to the gravesite - that's where CJ had gotten the flowers at gravesite reference. Also my Mom's friend admitted to my Mother that her phone call saved her life - that she had been having very dark thoughts and she had needed desperately to hear that her love was watching and that he was concerned for her.... It made both us cry when my Mom and I discussed this. It was truly remarkable - CJ is an extremly gifted medium and I am very grateful to her for sharing her gifts. She subsequently rescheduled a reading for me and I anticipate her words coming to frution. Thank you CJ very much. Light and Love to you and your's always."  Paula


"Thanks so much for the wonderful reading you gave me.  I am following the advice you gave me and so far, it's all going well.  You gave me so much insight into so many things that I cannot even begin to describe how much better you made me feel after my reading.  You are truly a gift from above CJ." Jamie

"I met CJ in a group reading years ago.  My first reading was amazing.  Since that time, I have had her read my sister, who lost her husband 30 years ago and my sister in law, who was widowed in 2007.  CJ brought information to both of them that gave them comfort and peace- relaying infomation that was only relevant to their lost loves. In recent years, it has provided me the strength to look for the comfort from my departed loved ones in the "signs" they so often leave for me.  I truely miss her being in Minnesota and know that I need to visit with her soon myself for spiritual guidance.    If this is a first experience for you, I strongly suggest you allow CJ to be your link." Maureen

"You brought such good energy to my children and me and, hit it right on about the grandmother. You are good person and I like to be surrounded by good people with a good heart. Always blessings to you and loved ones." Agma
"Hi CJ, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing in my parents . You're sincere warm and truly gifted. I surely also hope "the guy" A- we discussed comes around. My mom would love you if she was still alive. :) Much love and peace" Christine
"Words cannot convey how thankful that I am for you and your guides and masters. I'm going to contact you in July for another reading. In the meantime, God Bless You and Take Care!" Priscilla

"All in all, it was a great experience. Thanks again, and I'm sure you'll hear from me in the future. Best wishes, Brian"
"I just want to thank you for the peace of mind you have alloted me. The passing of my mother most recently has been one of the most painful  experiences and having the opportunity to speak with her and know that she is now my guardian angel is both comforting and stabilizing for me. Also understanding the outcome at the time of her death just confirmed what i knew to be true of her feelings. I felt her arms around me last night as I lay in bed and heard again all the words she had to say to me through you. God has given us all a special gift and that is you for without you those of us who believe in our family of angels would be at a loss of their guidance.  It was also grand to hear my fathers encouraging words as our bond can continue and I can look forward to his ongoing protection throughout my life. Regarding my brother in law I shared his words with my husband and I believe they have brought him some peace. I know it did for me. To know that he is so happy and with the one person he has been waiting to see since childhood.  His words for me were both calming and healing and I have waited to hear from him that he was ok and it was even better to know that his death was considered to be an accident.  There was a loving and caring soul inside that body and I understand how painful it was for his soul.. NOw he is happy and you helped to confirm that for us.Thank you CJ for the peace and comfort your gift allows so many of us. I feel sorry for those who do not believe in your gift for they know not what they are losing. Until the next time those little nudges go off in my head telling me its time to call you have a blessed life." Lorraine
"CJ, my mom and I just want to thank you for our reading.  It was amazing and interesting and comforting all in one!  The information you passed on to us was so exact, my jaw was dropped the entire time.  Thank you Thank you Thank you. I look forward to speaking with you again." S.A.
"I just wanted you to know that you were right...although I was terrified at first, I quickly became excited about the new possibilities." Joan
 "Thanks so much. I'm very glad I got to speak with you and look forward to speaking with you again.  You're doing great work and all that we talked about has been immediately applicable and beneficial." Steve

"C.J. Thank you for a genuine and sincere reading. It was so good to have peace and feel the warmth of my mother's love. It is just good to be reminded of that. Thank you for the advice and I look forward to speaking with you again one day. I asked my mother to send something special to you. Sincerely, Shelley"
"Well, I wanted to take the time and tell you about a reading I had recently with psychic medium CJ Sellers. I originally met her several months back at an event held at the Fairfield Inn in good ‘ol Warwick, RI.  Although I only got to speak briefly with her there, as I had to be on my way, I thought
she was very down-to-earth and personable.  And most of all, she was unpretentious and humble. I was intrigued to have a reading, but just never got
around to it until last night when I called her.  I was told she specializes in connecting people to loved ones on the other side, relaying their messages/advice
to you.  In short, I have to say that I was very impressed by the information that was coming my way, and the accuracy involved.  As a skeptic, I tried to analyze how that information would be known or deducted, and I still can’t figure it out.  If you want to see for yourself, check her out at"  Donna LeCroix (former co-star Sci-fi's "The Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Hunters International")
"I am sooo glad I talked to her-it"s amazing how that works and she can be in touch with them and tell you things that no- one else
could know,I"m still fiquring out some of the things she told me from my list of notes- initials and numbers--- WOW !!! Knocked my socks off !!!!! Especially the "INN"--.I will definately talk to her again !!! WOW !!!"
"  I wanted to thank you for my reading on Jan 22nd.  I have been meaning to drop you a note and tell you how much lighter I feel since then.  What a gift you have!  And thank you so much for sharing it. Since there were messages for people other than myself, I had to think about how I would pass them on to the people they were intended for.  I did call one woman directly after I finished talking with you.  She was so pleased and happy!  I believe she will be emailing you soon for an appointment herself.  I also wanted to let you know that you gave me so much information that I couldn't confirm for you, but when I spoke to her, she did confirm everything.  I just thought you would want to know that. By the way, at the end of our reading, I had asked if "anyone" might help me find my lost Aunt.  We didn't get anything, and then my friends dead husband came through instead.  I just thought I would tell you that the day after our reading, I found her.  After 30 years of looking, it was a fluke.  Somehow, I feel like there must have been a little outside help.    So, once again, that you for everything.  I would love to do this again sometime. Thank you so much!" M.H.

"Her observations regarding me and my family were right on the mark. I still think back on many of the things she said and marvel at how much she knew. Or how much she learned from our loved ones on the other side. Thanks, C.J.. So much of what you said I needed to hear!" Bev Eustice (Mother of Chris Kirkpatrick of rock band N'Sync)
"I must say initially when I decided to get a reading for various reasons I was truly worried.  I always believed in the supernatural and life beyond, but always felt that it's best left alone. Then in 2000 I lost my mother, followed by my grandma a few months later, then my best friend in 05'.  All three deaths left alot unsaid, and unknown. Fast forward and into the hunt I went for the "real deal".  I stumbled upon CJ's website as a nationally recognized medium who specializes in recconnecting those here with those who have crossed over.  The only thing left was the call.  When I called I was completely taken back when the phone was answered and immediately handed over to CJ.  There was no answering service, no staff taking her calls and getting a suprise call a week later.  We immediately set up a mutual time that worked for her and I.  During our reading (I say our because I believe CJ gets as much relief out of helping us as we do in hearing from our lost love!
d ones,) she was humble, caring, and personal.  There was no probing, no guess work, she simply relayed messages that were impossibly right on the money.  I enjoyed this reading and completely plan on future readings when I feel necessary.  Further and I have to mention this, I also have been worried in part of how much this would cost.  Not only was my reading very affordable, but it was also put into perspective that she doesn't really do this for the money. CJ is as aforementioned doin this to help people not to make her fortune at telling others theirs Thank you CJ, I hope to talk with you again very soon."
"CJ is the REAL THING and will TOTALLY AMAZE YOU with her accuracy.  There are so many hundreds of details that are so amazing that I can not remember them all. The first time I met CJ was when someone I met in a night class invited me to a “John Edward” type gallery reading at her home.  There were about 30 people
there.  I was one of the lucky ones to get read that night by CJ.  At first, I didn’t know it was me.  She said that she was looking for the person who had seen a Sandy
and was talking about politics.  Any one who knows me knows that I hate politics and try to never talk about it!  But earlier that day in my living room, with no
one else around – I had a woman over named Sandy for the first time and we talked about Bush and his rolling back of environmental standards!  No one else
here on earth knew this.I remember finding out why my mother insisted that we have a wedding anniversary party for her and dad.  It wasn’t until CJ said that she saw a 40th, but it feels like a wedding and all her family is there.  She said that my mother considered this her wedding!  When my mom and dad got married 40 years earlier – her family wasn’t there, she was shunned for eight years for marrying outside her religion.  For the anniversary
party, all of her sisters were there and we even had a photographer and lots of flowers and corsages!  I had never put two and two together, but it made so muchsense when CJ talked about it. I was surprised when CJ brought up my favorite television shows.  I guess my relatives are keepingwatch over me. She brought up keys to a door opening up and seeing something redone.  I watch “Clean Sweep”, “Designed to Sell”,  and other remodeling shows all the time. CJ told me that I have a rare ailment, that I have physical problems and it is not in my head.  I had suddenly gotten ill about a month before.  She said there are skeptics around you, but it is a physical problem.  Your body is worn out.  She asked about gas odors.  Two days before at work there was a really bad gas smell.  I keep getting the message that this illness is temporary.  It gives me such hope during
the worst time of my life.  The rest of my story is still unfolding... CJ Thank you so much for all your help!!!!" Bonnie 
"I was one of the lucky few who had the opportunity to speak with Medium, CJ Sellers on last night's show. A lot of information was coming through and there wasn't a whole lot of time, so I made an appointment to speak with her today and I was able to finish my reading. I have always wanted a chance at having a reading, but until today had never gotten to. CJ made me feel instantly at ease and as we got into the reading, I was floored by the information coming through! I approach most everything with an open mind, while still maintaining a healty skepticism towards things. I went into the reading hoping for answers, while still not 'expecting' them. She provided me with information she could not have guessed at. She was not vague or pretentious in any way. A lot is going on in my life right now, and the people I wanted most to connect with came through. They were very forward with their communication and she helped me answer a lot of questions that I so desperately needed answered. I really am quite grateful to her. I have absolutely no doubts in her gifts and abilities, and think anyone would benefit greatly from a reading with her. Even in the short hours that have passed since my reading, my life has been forever changed." Thank you CJ. ~April Slaughter Writer/Founder of The Paranormal Source
 "I thoroughly enjoyed my reading and felt you were "right on" w/ everything.  I have felt complete CALM in regards to his passing, I have shed more tears, but feel that he is nearby and is helping me w/ my grief.  Also - the YEARS of questions if my mother was nearby or not, had been answered by you, and I feel peace w/ this also.
 I would definately like to see you again -" Dawn H.
"I first met C.J. a few years ago when I was just developing as a medium myself.  She was kind enough to mentor me on that path.  Her knowledge was and is still invaluable. I've also had several readings with C.J.; medium readings and life readings. The information that has come through has been extremely helpful and healing. I have and continue to refer people to C.J. as I know her to be an extremely warm, compassionate, loving and ethical person with gifts that are truly spirit given. Please feel free to contact me for a reference." Gina G.  (Medium and Paranormal Investigator MN)
"C.J Sellers is an amazing Psychic Medium! She has helped me to realize many things through my reading! She was right on and very accurate. Thank You so much CJ." Shannon

"I just wanted to say thank you for your reading, it brought much closer to me and meant the world. You are as amazing as mediums come and hit everything dead on! Thank you again," M.



"CJ, My sisters, niece and I want to thank you for speaking with us.  It was amazing how specific you were on just about everything.  I felt so much lighter afterwards, like a weight off my shoulders.  You are a wonderful person and I look forward to speaking to again.  Thanks again!!!" S. C.