If you are familiar with "THE SECRET" then chances are you've heard of the LAW OF ATTRACTION. Simply put, the law of attraction states that like attracts like. How we think, feel and the energy in which we resonate affects what we draw to ourselves. The most misunderstood aspect of the law of attraction is that merely thinking positive thoughts and repeating affirmations is enough to change our destiny, this is not quite true. Though this is one aspect of using the universal law there are others that must be followed too.

One of the hardest blocks to overcome when implementing the LOA is what is called "resistance". Our subconscious is not thinking, rather it's process is based on habit. As the saying goes "Old habits are hard to break". Learning how to reprogram the subconscious part of the mind to form new habits is the key to creating lasting change. Without doing this we begin to experience resistance, our mind's way of reminding us how this thing is supposed to go according to it's programming. This can come back to bite you by finding yourself receiving more of what you don't want instead of what you do want. This is where many people become frustrated and give up, after all there is nothing worse then getting the opposite result from the one you were aiming for. However, this opposite affect is normal as it too is a part of the universal law, you merely need to understand it, expect it and deal with it in order to overcome it.

There are many wonderful tools and modalities to assist in successfully doing just that. As a mindset coach CJ will assist you in working through resistance while building on positive energy, helping you to get into and remain in the flow of abundance. You will have the help and support of someone who understands not only the law of attraction but who also knows how to get results. Having a coach who will boost your confidence will also help you get those results more quickly. 

CJ has been successfully manifesting results through her readings for hundreds of clients over the years and now she brings this amazing ability to you in the form of teaching for you to utilize it in your own life.  Abundance implies many things but basically it is having more of the things you love. Whether it's better relationships, more prosperity, more joy, more friends, a better career life, whatever it is you want to have an abundance of it is available when you are ready to receive it.

Below are just a few of the things CJ will be guiding and supporting you in...

  • Overcoming Natural Resistance
  • Overcoming The Scarcity Mindset
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Understanding We Are Co-Creators
  • Understanding The Mind/Heart Connection
  • Changing From The Inside Out
  • Knowing When To Take Action
  • Forming New Core Beliefs
  • Understanding The Physical Symptoms Of Emotional Blocks
  • Overcoming Self Sabotage
  • Growing An Attitude Of Gratitude
  • Using Meditation and Self-Hypnosis
  • Growing Your Self-Love
  • Letting Go Of Old Baggage
  • Ironing Out The Kinks & Wrinkles In The Fabric Of Your Life
  • How To Speak To The Universe And Be Heard
  • How To Get The Universe To Speak To You
  • Using Positive Thought Correctly
  • Acting "As If"
  • How Not To Repress Doubt And Negative Emotions While Acting "As If"
  • Starting Small And Working Up To The Big Stuff
  • What To Expect (The things they didn't tell you about the law of attraction that you need to know)
  • How To Remain Grounded While Lifting Your Vibration