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I have been pe
rforming readings since the early 1990's. In many ways I do what most psychic mediums do, I offer readings that concern life path and of course messages concerning loved ones who have passed on. These are the staple of my readings, however, I have discovered that readings can assist us in many ways, including in our emotional and spiritual healing, in regaining our personal power and in bettering our life circumstances.

Throughout my career I have sought to educate myself and enhance my healing work through a variety of modalities and personal experience. From herbal medicine to Reiki, to metaphysics, to paranormal investigating, to self-behavioral modification, meditation, EFT etc, I have looked for ways to help me to help others using natural and spiritual means that bring long-term healing and positive results. All of those things I advise on have been in one form or another a part of my own life lessons, touching on something I have experienced and healed through so that I am speaking from a place of knowing, not merely parroting something I read about or heard about.

I am aware of my limitations, therefore I will be honest and say that should I not have the answer or should I feel an issue is best answered by someone with that specific knowledge and experience I will not attempt to overstep my boundaries. This ethic has worked well to satisfy the needs of my clients from all over the world and continues to be my work ethic today. I will do everything in my power to bring through positive, effective messages along with practical insight that aid in your happiness and well-being.


 Psychic Medium CJ Sellers

We Do Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee!!

 In rare cases where I am unable to establish a clear connection I will reschedule and re-perform the reading at no additional  charge. If I am unable to make a connection for you after a second reading (with the exception of issues caused by poor cell phone reception)  you may request a full refund.  Refund requests must be received no more than 24 hours from the time the last reading occurred. Refunds are given via PayPal only.